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Posted by on June 9, 2014

BarackObamaCertificationOfLiveBirthHawaiiBarack Obama was born in Kenya

The election of Barack Obama back in 2008 made a lot of people uncomfortable. Though I am critical of his performance in the oval office, I applaud the fact that the United States was ready to elect an African American as “Leader of the Free World.”  There were factions that lost sleep over this however. The resulting belief that he was born in Kenya was one of the more amusing conspiracy theories to surface in the recent past. Under Article 2 of the United States Constitution, the President is required to be a natural-born citizen which would make Obama’s claim to the throne illegitimate.

His Hawaiian birth “Certificate of Live Birth” was scanned and published as a response to these fringe accusations. At the end of the day, it wasn’t about the actual document. It was response of a few intellectually challenged individuals who couldn’t come to terms with a black man running the country.


David Icke Reptilian Conspiracy

David Icke was a BBC television personality before becoming the alleged “Son of the Godhead” in 1991. As expected, this prompted jeers from certain sectors of the public who looked to him for football commentary, but it skewed his journey into a far more interesting passageway.

The lynchpin of his ideology was the Babylonian Brotherhood, a clandestine group of humanoid reptiles controlled humanity. His hypothesis has roots in Zecharia Sitchin’s mythology that an ancient race called the Annunaki had come to earth to exploit it’s Monotomic Gold resources. Icke customized this a bit and claimed that the Annunaki were bipedal reptoids originating from the constellation Draco which exists in the Lower Fourth Dimension. The Babylonian Brotherhood are the descendants of the Annunaki and have undergone several “Breeding Programs” with humans. He believes that they are the Fallen Angels referred to in Judeo-Christian literature.

The first Breeding Program created the first reptilian – human hybrid 200,00-300,00 years ago. The Second Breeding Program was 30,000 years ago and the Third Breeding Program was 7,000 years ago. His belief is that many of our current leaders are members of the “Third Breeding Program” and have shape-shifting and mind control abilities.

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