Metal Insider’s Top 5: Things we learned from Korn’s Mayhem Fest press conference

Posted by on August 5, 2014

4. Munky still holds fond memories of Korn’s Woodstock ‘99 performance

15 years later, Woodstock ‘99 is still scarred by its flaws (everything from outrageous prices for water to several sexual assaults and riots). While many declared it Korn’s best performance ever, they were still ultimately looped in with the violence that occurred (and that same weekend also proved to be one of Brian “Head” Welch lowest personal moments). Yet despite all this, Munky still looks back fondly at Korn’s set.  “I’m still really proud of that moment,” Munky declared. “And I’m glad that we went through all of those ups and downs because we’re in a place now where we have such gratitude. We went through so many ups and downs, turmoil in the band… It’s just a whole book’s worth of stuff that I’ll probably write about one day. But I’m glad, the whole experience has made this band stronger.”



3. The generational gap amongst fans is more evident now than ever

“There’s a lot of people [out there] who the first couple of Korn records got them through high school, and now they’re bringing their kids. And it’s awesome to see that,” Luzier pointed out. He then recalled recently meeting a mother and daughter with matching Korn tattoos who told them how the band’s music helped them re-bond and get them both through hard times. Munky and Luzier also noted how flattering it has been to hear their influence in so many of their current Mayhem Fest tour mates. As Luzier (who has been a session drummer for many major acts before becoming a full-time member of Korn in 2009) noted, “I’ve been touring since I was 22 with all these national bands, and I remember when Korn first came out and going ‘This is gonna blow up. No one’s ever going to sound like this.’” “I’m glad you thought that, because when our first record came out, nobody wanted to play our record!,” joked Munky in response.

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