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A week from today (January 23), the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise sets sail for the Cayman Islands. And like its inaugural year, the cruise is packed with a killer lineup of metal bands and promises to be one hell of a party. However, while our friends at Metal Injection will once again be live blogging aboard the cruise, we at Metal Insider are stuck ashore. So with the cruise festival just around the corner, we decided to list the top 5 reasons we’re jealous of everyone who is going to this year’s 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise.


5. The Bands That Will Be On Board

After all, it’s the band’s that’ll be playing on the cruise that’s the main attraction…right? Well, the 70,000 Tons Of Metal Cruise did a great job once again bringing a diverse lineup together. This year includes performances from Cannibal Corpse, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Crowbar, Venom, Overkill, Kataklysm, Alestorm and 32 other bands. Basically, there’s a band for fans of almost every genre of metal.


4. The Bands That Won’t Be On Board

Unlike some hard rock themed cruises, there will be no trace of Hinder or Buckcherry.



3. It Could Be Worse…

At least 70,000 Tons isn’t sailing the seas in this boat, or for that matter in this one.




2. Who Doesn’t Love Metal Karaoke?

Seriously, who doesn’t? And you might even get to see a few of your favorite bands performing odd karaoke covers like last year’s attendees did.



1. Did We Mention It’s On A BOAT?!

First of all, the idea of getting to party with fellow metal heads on a boat sounds pretty rad. And not only do you get to see a bunch of bands perform on the boat, but there’s a strong chance you’ll bump into your favorite band pool side or in line for the buffet. Now THAT’S pretty damn awesome.