Metal Insider’s Top 5: New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014 moments

Posted by on April 21, 2014


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This past weekend, April 17-19,  the 16th annual New England Metal & Hardcore Festival took place at The Palladium in Worcester, MA. Once again, bands ranging from hardcore punk to death metal, young to seasoned, unknown to legendary gathered together to put on three days of music loud enough to rattle the windows of the nearby DCU Center and the teeth of passersby. My first time attending the festival was in 2012, and after missing out on last year’s edition I was glad that I got to return for 2014. Now that I’ve returned sporting new merch and fewer bottles of beer than I had prior, I bring to you my top 5 moments from this year’s NEMHF. Let it be noted that I only came up for the second and third days of the festival, so there isn’t anything related to the first day in here. If you attended day one, feel free to share any awesome moments that I missed out on.


5) Spider-man swings by for 1349’s set

Most festival attendees come in band t-shirts, hoodies, or jean vests adorned with patches of favorite bands. However, it’s not unusual to see people dress up a bit more for the occasion. In this case, during 1349’s set, there was one particular person who dressed to impress for the festival, I don’t mean the dozens of people wearing corpse paint though: I mean the guy that showed up as Spider-man. Random? Yes. Awesome? Very yes. The pit was chanting “Spider-man! Spider-man!” as they hauled him up and ferried him toward the stage and into the arms of a security guard. A brief moment, but one that made 1349’s set that more memorable.

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