Metal Insider top 5: criminally underrated films by Black Sheep Wall drummer Jackson Thompson

Posted by on May 26, 2015

BSW CN_datesMetal Insider’s Top 5 is a column where we count down the top five of…well basically anything. Today we’re joined by Black Sheep Wall drummer Jackson Thompson. Black Sheep Wall is currently on a tour with Colombian Necktie, a tour that Metal Insider is sponsoring. In fact, they’re running a tour diary, which started today. A film fan, Thompson gave us a list of his top five criminally underrated films. And yeah, it’s definitely chock full of films that we were unaware of. So throw these in your Netflix queue, and if you’re in Texas or the Southeast, see Black Sheep Wall and Colombian Necktie this week. You can check on the remaining dates here.


5) Enemy


If you’ve ever heard of this movie, you’ve probably heard that “it has like the scariest ending ever, dude”. Apart from sarcasm, I honestly can’t think of a particular ending that’s scarier, but the film is so much more than a gimmick ending. Enemy is the most accurate and unique portrayal of the male psych that I’ve seen since David Lynch’s Eraserhead. That’s saying a lot. The doppelganger thing might be a little played out but this film succeeds a creepy atmosphere that sneaks up on you, and is intimate and personal in the worst way  [I mean the best way (you know what I mean)]. The score is awesome – very There will be Bloodesque, and all performances are on point. It’s Vilanueve’s direction that really shines here though, solidifying himself as the real deal after Incendies andPrisoners. This is the kind of a movie you can watch over and over again, you’ll catch something new every time. Have you heard about the end though? It’s like so scary.


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