With the recent release of King Diamond’s Live DVDSongs For the Dead Live (read our review), we thought it was an appropriate time to revisit some of King Diamond’s most celebrated work in his vast catalog. Though all of King’s 12 studio records are classic, we comprised this Top 5 list of what we think are the best of the best.

05) Conspiracy (1989)

This record flew way under the radar when it was released due to a lack of appropriate promotion and MTV’s relative ignoring of the “Sleepless Nights” video. That video shows Snowy Shaw on drums, but Mikkey Dee played as a “guest” on the record before moving on to his Motorhead gig. This is King Diamond’s last record before their sound lightened up a bit with the subsequent release of 1990’s The Eye.

Key Tracks:  Sleepless Nights, Victimized, Lies

04) Give Me Your Soul… Please (2007)

Now, as a cat lover, I will admit the fact that Magic (one King’s cats) features prominently in the lyrical content of the record is a massive plus for me. However, this is a well-crafted record. It has a slightly more modern sound for King Diamond but still has so much of the vintage flavor throughout. And not that the Grammys mean anything, BUT, the track “Never Ending Hill” was nominated for the award in 2008. Livia Zita’s vocal on “Moving On” is dramatically beautiful.

Key Tracks:  Never Ending Hill, Is Anybody Here?, Mirror Mirror, Give Me Your Soul, The Girl in the Bloody Dress