Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz’s Top 5: Cannibal Corpse album covers

Posted by on August 11, 2014

Cannibal Corpse EatenbacktolifeAP1. Eaten Back To Life

I love the detail on Eaten Back To Life. Being our first cover [as well], Eaten is always going to be a special record regardless. When people ask me what’s my favorite, or what’s the most special to me, if we’re talking music, it’s gonna be Eaten, because it’s our first. All of those firsts are just so special, but I just remember seeing the artwork he did for Eaten, and the he detail did on that first record. Here he [Vince] was excited, he ad drawn a cover for the first time. So it’s kinda like we were all in it for the first time. So when I see that artwork, I really see his enthusiasm for what was done, or what was being done. Every time I see Eaten I just think “wow, amazing, what a great debut of a Cannibal Corpse record.”



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