Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz’s Top 5: Cannibal Corpse album covers

Posted by on August 11, 2014

Cannibal Corpse Torture4. Torture  

I think Torture is a great cover as well. Typical old school Cannibal for being a newer cover, but I think Vince did a great job, really captured the gore on that.

Editor’s note: we then began discussing the censored version of Torture’s cover, leading Paul to add the following:

It was cool for the way it was marketed because yes, we couldn’t have the [original] Torture cover being out there, so you make the slip cover like that and you know something else is behind it. So it’s a cool ploy, just the way it’s done, but then the fan finally see’s it [and goes] “woah.” The way they marketed that was pretty cool, I did like that.




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