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New & Noteworthy is a weekly column in which we highlight some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. This week features new music from Venom Inc and Motograter, as well as a few Amon Amarth vinyl reissues. It was a pretty weak week this week, but I suppose they can’t all be fantastic. If you would like to check out last week’s New & Noteworthy, you can do so here, and the week’s sales numbers are also available in Metal by Numbers. Alice Cooper and Rings of Saturn both had pretty good debuts. Something something, Spotify playlist. 

Studio Releases

Venom Inc, Avé (Nuclear Blast)

Avé is the first release from Venom Inc, an English extreme metal group consisting of the core members of 1990 era of Venom. Venom Inc consists of bassist/vocalist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan, drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray, and guitarist Jeff “Mantas” Dunn.They have music videos for the first two singles “Dein Fleisch” and “Avé Satanas.” Venom will be touring North America this September into October, with Goatwhore, Toxic Holocaust, and The Convalescence opening. The album is also available on vinyl

Hinder, The Reign (The End)      

The Reign is the sixth album from the American hard rock band Hinder. The album was produced by the band’s drummer and singer, Cody Hanson, and Marshal Dutton, respectively. They currently have a handful of shows announced, but also just got off a tour with Nonpoint just a few months ago.



Motograter, Desolation (EMP Label Group)        

Desolation is the second full length studio album from the Texas heavy metal band Motograter. The album is the band’s first release since their 2009 EP, Pre-ReleaseMotograter has released one music video so far; they released a video for”Parasite” last September. Desolation will be available on vinyl next month.



 It is the first Abominable Putridity, In The End Of Human Existence (Unique Leader)               
All Out War, Give Us Extinction (Organized Crime)          
Atriarch, Dead As Truth (Relapse)            
Dawn Of Disease, Ascension Gate (Napalm Records)     
Empyrean Throne, Chaosborne (M-Theory Audio)          
Hundred Suns, The Prestalis (New Damage)      
Incantation, Profane Nexus (Relapse)        
Poison Blood, Poison Blood (Relapse)   
The Lurking Fear, Out Of The Voiceless Grave (Century Media) 
Varials, Pain Again (Fearless Records)   

Vinyl Releases

Amon Amarth, Fate Of Norns (Metal Blade)              
Amon Amarth, With Oden On Our Side (Metal Blade)         
Cold As Life, Suffer (7″) (Demons Run Amok Records)            
Spiritus Mortis, The Year Is One (Svart Records)           

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