Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
I honestly don’t know why everyone hates on Nickelback so much. Well, actually I do: the hate bandwagon. But really, they’re a harmless radio-friendly rock band, and while for some people, that’s more than enough reason to make them out to be terrible, Nickelback is on a whole other plane of ridicule. People rip the band apart and make them out to be the worst band to stain the universe. And this isn’t just a case of metalheads declaring a band to suck like Avenged Sevenfold or something: hating on Nickelback is universal. People make jokes like “He’s horrible. How horrible is he? He listens to Nickelback!” And you know what? It’s not funny. That’s really my main point here: making fun of Nickelback is not funny anymore, if it ever was. And I don’t mean that in a “You shouldn’t make fun of other people” kind of way, I really just mean it’s not funny and making such jokes nowadays is some bottom of the barrel shit. You’re not a comedy genius because you cracked off a Nickelback joke amongst your friends while listening to the new Fleet Foxes album (no offense to Fleet Foxes, love ’em). You probably don’t mind them, hell maybe you have a copy of Dark Horse in your car somewhere, but you’re so desperate for social acceptance that you go for the most unoriginal music-related joke of the modern era. Seriously, the only time I’ve laughed at something Nickelback related is this stupid video. If you are an outspoken Nickelback fan (at least 43,000 still have to exist), I applaud you for putting up with this endless stream of inane mockery for the past ten years or so. Go ahead and love ’em or hate ’em, but the next time you’re thinking of making a sign that reads “[INSERT NAME] LIKES NICKELBACK” with the intent to be insulting or funny, maybe just don’t.
Notable Debuts: 
Nickelback, Feed the Machine (BMG)
Debut #4
42,525 sold
Nickelback debut in the top five, though sales are down compared to their last album.
CHON, Homey (Sumerian)
Debut #25
8,900 sold
CHON’s second LP makes an impressive debut, outstripping the band’s debut album that peaked at #122 on the Billboard.
Iced Earth, Incorruptible (Century Media)
Debut #42
5,675 sold
Iced Earth’s twelfth album didn’t sell as much as its predecessor, but it did chart slightly higher.
Various Artists, Vans Warped Tour 2017 (SideOneDummy)
Debut #77
2,700 sold
The only thing more certain than Warped Tour happening every summer is the arrival of a Warped Tour compilation on the charts, and this year is no different.
CKY, The Phoenix (eOne Music)
Debut #98
2,200 sold
CKY return with their first album in eight years and their first as a trio.
Hundredth, Rare (Hopeless Records)
Debut #100
2,125 sold
The band’s fourth album marks their best debut yet. They must be super happy that their album is #100, right?
Carach Angren, Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (Season Of Mist)
980 sold
This is the fifth album from this symphonic black metal band.
Arcadea, Arcadea (Relapse)
730 sold
This is the debut album from the group featuring Brann Dailor (Mastodon) and Raheem Amlani (Withered).
Tombs, The Grand Annihilation (Metal Blade)
370 sold
This is the band’s fourth LP.

Entrails, World Inferno (Metal Blade Records)
340 sold
This is the Swedish band’s fifth album.
Notable Sales:

metallicahardwiredMetallica, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct (Blackened)
#14 (from 22)
13,150 sold

Another 19% boost. It’s just under 1,000,000 sold. even as they’ve already gotten platinum awards.





Rise Against, Wolves (Virgin)
#51 (from 3)
3,925 sold
This takes a second week drop of 86%.
Incubus, 8 (Island)
#54 (re-entry)
3,750 sold
This went from 700 sold to plus 3,000 more. It’s just under 75,000 sld.




Linkin Park, One More Light (Warner Bros.)
#57 (from 47)
3,350 sold

A drop of 12%.





skilletunleashedcdSkillet, Unleashed (Atlantic)
#94 (from 166)
2,250 sold

This gets a biggun 96% boost.





Seether, Poison The Parish (Canine Riot)
#105 (from 103)
2,025 sold

A 9% boost.





avengedsevenfoldthestageAvenged Sevenfold, The Stage (Capitol)
#118 (from 65)
1,775 sold

A 36% drop with just under 185,000 sold.





volbeat_sealthedealVolbeat, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie (Universal)
#142 (from 169)
1,475 sold

A 30% boost.





Papa Roach, Crooked Teeth (Eleven Seven Music)
#152 (from 116)
1,400 sold

A 19% drop.





Suffocation, Of The Dark Light (Nuclear Blast)
#168 (from 46)
1,200 sold
A 69% drop.





I Prevail - LifelinesI Prevail, Lifelines (Fearless)
#187 (from 187)
1,100 sold

Another 12% boost and now over 80,000 sold.





Alestorm, No Grave But The Sea (Napalm)
470 sold
A small 4% drop.






Anathema, The Optimist (Kscope)
420 sold
A 76% drop in week two.
Mutoid Man, War Moans (Sargent House)
380 sold
A 23% drop.




Righteous Vendetta, Cursed (Century Media)
370 sold
A tiny boost of 3%.

bad-seed-risingBad Seed Rising, Awake In Color (Roadrunner)
340 sold

This pops up again.





Doyle, Doyle II: As We Die (EMP)
270 sold
A 24% drop.





Our Last Night, Selective Hearing (Self-Released)
270 sold
A 77% drop in week two.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Flying Microtonal Banana (ATO)
250 sold

A 31% boost. Pretty soon we’re going to see another King Gizzard album on the charts.






Unleash The Archers, Apex (Napalm)
220 sold
A 40% drop.
Wednesday 13, Condolences (Nuclear Blast)
220 sold
A 49% drop.
Power Trip, Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)
200 sold
A 32% drop.