Metal By Numbers 6/16: Rising nowhere

Posted by on June 16, 2021

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

This was another week heavy on the debuts (14 to be exact) and features some heavy hitters. Also, just a heads up, the quotation marks/apostrophe key on my laptop is broken, so if notice any missing apostrophes, that’s my excuse. I did quick scan and I think I’ve them all. Why is that key broken you ask? My cat trod over my keyboard and sat on it. Mind you, it’s not the first time this has happened. I’m sure those of you with pets, particularly cats, have had similar difficulties. But I’ve got it under control and I’ll be trying to keep her off my keyboard in futureeeeee——[[[[[[[[[[[lkkkkkkkkm,./.


Notable Debuts:

Rise Against, Nowhere Generation (Loma Vista)
Debut #3
12,925 sold

This is Rise Against’s ninth album.





Red Fang, Arrows (Relapse)
Debut #14
4,575 sold

This is the band’s fifth album and first in five years.





Atreyu, Baptize (Spinefarm)
Debut #34
2,650 sold

This is the band’s eighth album.





Dead Heat, World At War (Triple B)
Debut #141
610 sold

This is the band’s second album.





Poppy, Eat (NXT Soundtrack) (Sumerian)
Debut #170
490 sold

This new EP is the result of a collaboration with the WWE.





Paul Gilbert, Werewolves of Portland (The Players Club)
380 sold

This is Gilbert’s 16th solo studio album.







Desaster, Churches Without Saints (Metal Blade)
350 sold

This is the band’s ninth full length.






Pig Destroyer, Pornographers of Sounds: Live in NYC (Relapse)
320 sold

This is the band’s first live album.






Inhuman Condition, Rat God (Listenable Insanity)
310 sold

This is the band’s debut album.






Decapitated, The First Damned (Nuclear Blast)
260 sold

This is a compilation is a reissue of demos from the band’s early days. Check out Jeff Podoshen’s review here.






Somnuri, Nefarious Wave (Blues Funeral)
180 sold

This is the band’s second album.






Van Canto,To The Power Of Eight (Napalm)
160 sold

This is the eighth album from this a cappella group.






Worm Shepard, In the Wake ov Sol (Deluxe) (Unique Leader)
120 sold

This is the deluxe edition of the band’s new album that came out last year.






Death Therapy, Melancholy Machines (Tooth & Nail)
110 sold

This is the band’s third album.






Notable Sales:

Greta Van Fleet, The Battle At Garden’s Gate (Lava/Republic Records)
#45 (from #38)
2,000 sold

A 19% drop.





Flotsam And Jetsam, Blood In The Water (AFM)
Debut #62
1,500 sold

This is the band’s fourteenth studio album.





Gojira, Fortitude (Roadrunner)
#70 (from 60)
1,375 sold

A 14% drop.





Foo Fighters, Medicine At Midnight(Roswell)
#75 (from 77)
1,325 sold

This sold about the same as last week.





AC/DC, Power Up(Columbia)
#85 (from 85)
1,100 sold

A 11% drop.





Evanescence, The Bitter Truth (BMG)
#59 (from 81)
1,075 sold

A 35% drop.





King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, L.W.(KGLW)
#98 (from 24)
970 sold

A 70% drop.





The Pretty Reckless, Death By Rock And Roll (Fearless Records)
#129 (re-entry)
670 sold

An 81% boost back up.





Royal Blood, Typhoons (Imperial Galactic/Warner Records)
#137 (from 107)
620 sold

A 27% drop.





Pop Evil, Versatile(eOne)
#140 (from 110)
610 sold

A 26% drop.





Various Artists, Many Faces of Def Leppard (Music Brokers Arg)
#145 (from 123)
590 sold

A 19% drop.





Chevelle, NIRATIAS (Epic)
#163 (from 168)
510 sold

A 6% drop.





Rob Zombie, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast)
#167 (from 158)
500 sold

A 12% drop.





Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction, Volume 2 (Prospect Park)
#172 (from 169)
490 sold

A 9% drop.





Deftones, Ohms (Reprise)
Debut #183
460 sold

A 12% boost brings this back up.





Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2(Blackened)
#185 (from 172)
440 sold

A 17% drop.





Chris Cornell, No One Sings Like You Anymore, Vol. 1 (UMe)
#193 (from 189)
430 sold

A 11% drop.





Burning Witches, The Witch Of The North (Nuclear Blast)
370 sold

A 60% drop in week two.






Portal, Avow (Profound Lore)
280 sold

A 80% drop in week two.






Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (Inside Out)
270 sold

A 5% drop.






Cirith Ungol, Half Past Human (Metal Blade)
230 sold

A 66% drop in week two.






Fiddlehead, Between The Richness (Run For Cover)
200 sold

A 47% drop.






Perturbator, Lustful Sacraments(Blood Music)
190 sold

A 91% drop in week two.






Alluvial, Sarcoma (Nuclear Blast)
170 sold

A 76% drop.






Smith/Kotzen, Smith/Kotzen(BMG)
160 sold

A 21% drop.






Alestorm, Live In Tilburg (Napalm Records)
150 sold

A 80% drop in week two.






Bloodbound, Creatures of the Dark Realm(Unique Leader)
140 sold

A 47% drop.






Sunbomb, Evil And Divine (Frontiers)
140 sold

A 26% drop.






Mental Cruelty, A Hill To Die Upon(Unique Leader)
140 sold

A 62% drop.






Yautja, The Lurch (Relapse)
130 sold

A 12% drop.






Ghastly, Mercurial Passages (20 Buck Spin)
Debut #174
530 sold

This is the band’s third album.







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