Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
I feel like I see double on the charts more so now than I ever have in my years of writing this column. For months we’ve had at least two to three bands with two albums on the charts. Usually its some combination of studio album, EP, or greatest hits compilation. In this case, Demon Hunter have two new studio albums debuting at the same time. Whatever you might think of them, this is a pretty impressive feat, especially since the two albums are so close together in sales.
Notable Debuts:
Demon Hunter, War (Solid State)
Debut #7
11,975 sold
Demon Hunter’s ninth album is one of two hitting the charts this week.
Demon Hunter, Peace (Solid State)
Debut #8
11,500 sold
And this is Demon Hunter’s tenth album. While the band’s 2017 Outlive album remains their best sales debut for a single album, one can consider the combined sales of War and Peace as a single unit since they were released simultaneously. The combined sales comes in at 23,475.
Queensrÿche, The Verdict (Century Media)
Debut #14
8,100 sold
This charted higher but sold less than its 2015 predecessor.
In Flames, I, The Mask (Eleven Seven)
Debut #17
6,525 sold
The band’s thirteenth didn’t sell as much as Battlesbut it charted higher.
Mark Morton, Anesthetic (Spinefarm)
Debut #22
4,350 sold
The Lamb of God guitarist’s debut solo album gets a solid start in the top 25 in the charts.
While She Sleeps, So What? (Spinefarm)
Debut #102
1,300 sold
This didn’t have quite as good a debut as the band’s previous album.
Devil Master, Satan Spits On Children Of Light (Relapse)
Debut #114
1,125 sold
This is the band’s debut album. Man, that’s a hell of an album title.
Pissgrave, Posthumous Humiliation (Profound Lore)
Debut #150
840 sold
This is the band’s second studio album. Also, this is exactly the kind of album art I’d expect from a band named Pissgrave. Uh, NSFW I guess? Just don’t enlarge it.
Traitors, Repent (IndieGoBoom)
Debut #175
740 sold
This the Florida band’s first release as a trio.
Darkwater, Human (Ulterium)
320 sold
This is the band’s first album since. 2010.
Notable Sales:
Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody(Hollywood)
#4 (from 3)
16,425 sold
A 47% drop, but its still in the top 5.
Dream Theater, Distance Over Time (InsideOut)
#20 (from 5)
5,325 sold
A 73% drop in week two, but this is still in the top 20.
Greta Van Fleet, Anthem of the Peaceful Army (Lava/Republic)
#32 (from 31)
3,350 sold
A 10% drop.


Disturbed, Evolution(Warner Bros.)
#42 (from 34)
2,900 sold
A 18% drop.



The Claypool Lennon Delirium, South Of Reality(ATO)
#54 (from 9)
2,500 sold

This debuted last week with 8,800 sold.


Greta Van Fleet, From the Fires EP (Lava)
#58 (from 49)
2,400 sold

A 2% drop.




Shinedown, Attention Attention (Atlantic)
#72 (from 67)
1,850 sold

A 3% drop





Overkill, The Wings Of War (Nuclear Blast)
#95 (from 16)
1,525 sold
This took a 76% second week drop.

Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction(Prospect Park)
#98 (from 95)
1,475 sold

A 14% boost.





Chris Cornell, Chris Cornell (UMe)
#120 (from 196)
1,050 sold
A whopping 80% boost.
Breaking Benjamin, Ember (Hollywood)
#123 (from 181)
1,050 sold
A 65% boost, even bigger than last week.

Five Finger Death Punch, And Justice For None (Prospect Park)
#127 (from 131)
1025 sold

A 6% boost.





Godsmack, Icon(Republic)
#137 (from 129)
925 sold

A 5% drop.





Godsmack, When Legends Rise (BMG)
#138 (from 194)
910 sold

A big 52% boost.





#149 (from 146)
860 sold
An 8% boost.
#163 (from 160)
780 sold
A 4% boost.
Last In Line, II (Frontiers)
#169 (from 60)
760 sold
A 63% drop in week two.

Ghost, Prequelle (Loma Vista)
#186 (from 198)
670 sold

A 17% boost.

Bring Me The Horizon, amo (RCA/Sony)
#188 (from 142)
660 sold
A 22% drop.




Bad Wolves, Disobey (Eleven Seven)
#197 (re-entry)
590 sold

This got a 39% boost back up.



Rival Sons, Feral Roots(Atlantic)
550 sold
A 6% drop with over 10,000 sold.
Rotting Christ, The Heretics (Season Of Mist)
430 sold
A 9% drop.
Sleep Signals, At the End of the World (Self-Released)
430 sold
This came out in late 2017 but just got a huge boost in sales thanks to the band’s opening slot for All That Remains.
Malevolent Creation, The 13th Beast (Hammerheart)
350 sold
This made its official debut in the US.
Daughters, You Won’t Get What You Want (Ipecac)
330 sold
A 24% drop.
Avantasia, Moonglow (Nuclear Blast)
240 sold
A 66% drop.
Palisades, Erase the Pain (Rise)
230 sold
A 12% boost.
Spirits Of Fire, Spirits Of Fire (Frontiers)
220 sold
A 77% drop in week two.
Fever 333, Strength In Numb333rs(Roadrunner)
180 sold
A 8% drop.
Deadships, D.O.A.(Stay Sick)
180 sold
A 62% drop in week two.
Beast In Black, From Hell With Love(Nuclear Blast)
180 sold
A 25% drop.