Metal By Numbers – 2/11 – Death Metal In Top 100? Of Corpse!

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Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top sellers of the week as well as what’s getting played at Metal radio courtesy of radio trade magazine FMQB, whose metal panel consists of about 80 college and commercial stations, as well as SiriusXM, Music Choice, and more.

After such a dismal few weeks, It looks like there was a decent amount of sales uptick this week on the charts. Possibly it was due to the Grammys, or maybe a lot of Valentines Day gift-buying. Neither of those reasons have anything to do with Cannibal Corpse, whose Evisceration Plague debuted in the top 100 with a bullet, a knife, a pair of pliers and a power drill. Meanwhile at FMQB, 16 aims higher than their band name, finally landing in the top ten.

Notable Debuts:

A Day To Remember, Homesick (VIctory) #21 22,000 copies sold
The band’s fourth album almost gets them a top 20 debut.

Cannibal Corpse, Eviscaration Plague (Metal Blade) #66 9,600 copies sold
11 albums in and the Corpse have a top 100 albumAnd how awesome is it that it debuted at #66?!

Zombi, Spirit Animal (Relapse) 600 copies sold
No, not Zombie. More experimental indie rock than metal, but pretty awesome.

Notable Sales:

Kid Rock, Rock N’ Roll Jesus (Atlantic) #24, 18,000 copies sold
The godfather of rap-rock has sold over 2.75 million copies of his latest. Somewhere, Fred Durst and the dude from Crazy Town are crying.

AC/DC, Black Ice (Columbia) #50, 11.700 copies sold
Just about to cross the 2 million sold mark.

Metallica, Death Magnetic (Warner Bros.) #52, 11,500 copies sold
Go see them in concert if you haven’t already.

Slipknot, All Hope is Gone (Roadrunner), #77, 8,500 copies sold.
Great to see them almost sell out Madison Square Garden less than 10 years after their debut.

Mudvayne, The New Game (Epic) #144, 4,400 copies sold
The ‘Vayne is selling consistently.

Five Finger Death Punch, The Way of the Fist (The Firm) #184, 3,400 copies sold
This band is a juggernaut.

Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Season (Epitaph) 1,200 copies sold
About the same as last week. Might pick up once their tour on the Taste of Chaos starts this weekend.

Kreator, Hordes of Chaos (SPV) 800 copies sold
The #1 album on CMJ’s Loud Rock chart four weeks running,

Satyricon, The Age Of Nero (E1) 700 copies sold
Not even their label changing names (R.I.P., Koch!) can stop them from selling.

Mychildren Mybride, Unbreakable (Tooth & Nail) 600 copies sold
This year-old album makes an reappearance on the album chart.

The Sword, Gods of the Earth (Kemado) 600 copies sold
How heavy this axe? Weigh it, dumbass.

FMQB Most Added

1. Napalm Death, Time Waits For No Slave (Century Media)
2. Psyopus, Odd Senses (Metal Blade)
3. Architects U.K., Hollow Crown (Century Media)
4. Tombs, Winter Code (Relapse)
5. Darkane, Demonic Art (Nuclear Blast)

FMQB Top Ten Albums

1. Lamb of God, “Set To Fail” single (Epic)
2. Sepultura, A-Lex (SPV)
3. Kreator, Hordes of Chaos (SPV)
4. Satyricon, The Age of Nero (KOCH)
5. Cannibal Corpse, Eviscaration Plague (Metal Blade)
6. Woe of Tyrants, Kingdom of Might (Metal Blade)
7. Six Feet Under, Death Rituals (Metal Blade)
8. 16, Bridges To Burn (Relapse)
9. Gojira, The Way of All Flesh (Prosthetic)
10. Cradle of Filth, Godspeed On the Devil’s Thunder (Roadrunner)

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