Metal By Numbers 1/5: A Sad Start To The New Year

Posted by on January 5, 2011

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

It’s been two weeks since the last Metal By Numbers column, and the first for the year 2011. So what better way to return and ring in a new year than with….nothing. The first week of the new year is a slow week in sales, as seen by the fact that Slash’s iTunes Sessions digital live EP is the only new release on the charts. 2010 was a rough one for album sales, with even past platinum selling bands like Linkin Park and Disturbed struggling. In fact, if your name wasn’t Taylor Swift, then you probably sold less than you usually did. While we hope things will pick up in 2011, this week isn’t a strong start, as the post-holiday hangover hit music stores pretty hard.

Notable Debuts:
Slash, iTunes Session (EMI) #152, 4,300 sold
This iTunes digital exclusive features Slash and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge’s singer who has also been touring in Slash’s solo band) performing two songs from Slash’s solo album, two Velvet Revolver songs, Guns N’ Roses’ “Rocket Queen,” and Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown.”

Notable Sales:
Kid Rock, Born Free (Atlantic) #17, 27,600 sold
Despite experiencing a 71% decrease, the onetime American Badass still remains in the top 20 after seven weeks.

Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns (Warner Bros.) #46, 14,270 sold
Slowly climbing back up the charts, though still selling considerably low. This week sees the one time kings of rap-rock decrease by 54% once again.

A Day To Remember, What Separates Me from You (Victory) #61, 10,000 sold
A big jump up the charts for the band, going from #106 to #61, despite the slight dip in sales. Maybe we’ll watch their performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, January 11 to find out what all the fuss is about.

Avenged Sevenfold, Nightmare (Warner Bros.) #70, 9,560 sold
Even though their album is back in the top 70, this time of year has to be especially hard for A7X, with it being around a year since The Rev’s passing.

Disturbed, Asylum (Reprise) #73, 9,430 sold
Should we believe the recent Mayhem Fest rumors?

Five Finger Death Punch, War is the Answer (Prospect Park) #89, 7,100 sold
Despite a 38% decrease from last week, FFDP return to the top 90.

All That Remains For We Are Many (Prosthetic/Razor & Tie) #131, 5,000 sold
After being absent from the charts for seven weeks, the Masscore favorites return, but not by much.

Escape The Fate, Escape The Fate (Interscope) #151, 3,350 sold
Also making their return to the charts after seven weeks.

Godsmack, Oracle (Universal) #153, 4,300 sold
Well, if you’re going to believe the rumors that Disturbed is playing Mayhem Fest, then count Godsmack in as well.

Stone Sour, Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner) #166, 3,900 sold
Ok….so All That Remains, Escape The Fate, AND Stone Sour return after seven weeks off the charts.

Alter Bridge, AB III (Alter Bridge Recordings/Capitol) #182, 3,700 sold
Myles Kennedy can say he has two releases in the top 200. He can also claim that he’s helping prevent Creed from performing any time soon, officially making him our hero.

Asking Alexandria, Stand up and Scream (Sumerian) 2,600 sold
Not just one album, but…

Asking Alexandira, Life Gone Wild EP (Sumerian) 2,400 sold
TWO albums on the charts this week! The second one, though, is an EP featuring two Skid Row covers and remixes. Can you guess which songs they covered by the title?

The Damned Things, Ironiclast (Island) 1,900 sold
This came out during our holiday break. It sold 6,200 in its first week and has so far sold just above 11,000 in total. Honestly, you’d think that a supergroup featuring members from Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die in its ranks would be selling more, but they’re treating the band like they’re total unknowns.

We Came As Romans, To Plant A Seed (Equal Vision) 1,240 sold
The last time we ran Metal By Numbers (December 15), We Came As Romans sold around 500. How the hell did their sales increase by so much since then?!

Volbeat, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (Universal) 940 sold
A modest increase for an album that’s selling more overseas than in the U.S. It’s already gone gold in Sweden and Denmark!

After the Burial, In Dreams (Sumerian) 900 sold
After The Burial’s sales seem to be increasing even before their upcoming tour with As I Lay Dying and Winds Of Plague.

Pierce the Veil, Selfish Machines (Equal Vision) 860 sold
Just like with We Came As Romans, Pierce The Veil experienced a big jump in sales over the holiday season. Also like We Came As Romans, the band will be on the road with A Day To Remember and Bring Me The Horizon this Spring.

Oceano, Contagion (Earache) 700 sold
These guys have sold just over 8,100 copies in eight weeks.

Woe, Is Me, Number[s] (Velocity/Rise) 700 sold
Not entirely sure what brought these guys back to the charts, but they were one of the early bands confirmed for the 2011 Warped Tour.

Agalloch, Marrow of the Spirit (Profound Lore) 660 sold
In six weeks, they’ve sold just under 5,000 copies.

Halford, Halford IV: Made of Metal (Metal God) 500 sold
So opening for Ozzy on the first leg of his solo tour didn’t help push sales, and neither did Judas Priest’s retirement announcement. Can anything help the Metal God!?

Chelsea Grin, Desolation Of Eden (Razor & Tie/Artery) 500 sold
Sold just as much as the Metal God this week, despite disappearing and reappearing on the charts since its release.

A Bullet For Pretty Boy, Revision Revise, (Artery) 490 sold
Anyone want to explain to us how this album is still selling? Anyone?

Blind Guardian, At the Edge of Time (Nuclear Blast) 480 sold
Still hanging in there even after 19 weeks.

Kylesa, Spiral Shadow (Season Of Mist) 470 sold
So Asking Alexandra can has two releases that are selling over 2,000 copies each, yet Kylesa is still selling so little. Seriously?!

OFF!, The First Four EPs (Vice) 450 sold
This punk/hardcore supergroup featuring Keith Morris (Black Flag/The Circle Jerks) and members of Burning Brides, Rocket From the Crypt and Earthless, appeared to have popped back onto the charts during the holiday break.

Helloween, 7 Sinners (The End) 440 sold
Poor Helloween, they can’t even say that they’re the top German power metal band on the charts.

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