Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

Every time I see a new Kidz Bop commercial, I die a little inside. Every time I see a Kidz Bop album anywhere on the charts (let alone top 10) I pretty much spit fire. I know, I know, you don’t come here to hear about such abominations, but at least we share a common feeling towards those awful cash-ins. And that’s why I find that the album title of this week’s top metal debut is rather relatable to my wanting to spit fire at the Kidz Bop kids. But first I have to figure out how to hold gasoline in my mouth without it tasting like ass.

Notable Debuts

The Plot In You, Could You Watch Your Children Burn (Rise) #96, 3,600 sold

This Ohio metalcore act takes the spot of top metal debut for this week. It’s also album number two for mainman Landon Tewers (who apparently does almost everything on the album) and company.
Ice Nine Kills, The Predator (self) 1,475 sold

Looks like the crowd-funding model works if your fans are passionate enough. We’d like to think that us writing about it might be responsible for at least 10 sales. And maybe another 10 confused fans might have thought they were buying an Ice Cube album or a Schwarzenegger movie.
Mors Principium Est, …And Death Said Live (AFM) 260 sold

The fourth album from this Finnish melodic death metal band is their first album since 2007 and also the first to feature a new pair of guitar players.


Notable Sales

Hollywood Undead, Notes from the Underground (A&M/Octone) #31, 13,050 sold

It’s a somewhat typical second week drop of 75% for this album


Black Veil Brides, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones (Lava/Universal Republic) #41, 10,000 sold

These wild ones also had a typical second week drop.


Kid Rock, Rebel Soul (Atlantic), #47, 8,950 sold

This barely moved from it’s spot last week. So, good job I guess…


Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day (Atlantic) #54, 7,350 sold

There’s no reason for this to be lower than Kidz Bop. Or Kid Rock.


Deftones, Koi No Yokan (Reprise) #98, 3,600 sold

Can this just stay on the charts forever? The vinyl release should give it a nice boost.


Soundgarden, King Animal (Universal) #110, 3,300 sold

This might be a little low on the charts, but at least Chris Cornell didn’t lip sync at Obama’s inaguration like some other famous singer. Allegedly.


Stone Sour, House of Gold & Bones (Roadrunner) #122, 2,850 sold

It’s a small boost for Corey Taylor and company this week.


In This Moment, Blood (Century Media) #133, 2,650 sold

Not much movement for this album. Way to stay in the moment.


Halestorm, The Strange Case Of… (Atlantic) #151, 2,300 sold

Whenever I hear about the Grammy nom for “Love Bites (So Do I)”, I just think of “Love Bites” by Judas Priest.


Rock of Ages, Soundtrack (WaterTower Music) #143, 2,300 sold

Maybe if Anne Hathaway had sang in the movie it would have done better. Actually, no. Nothing could have saved the movie.


Volbeat, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (Universal) #164, 2,100 sold

This album is trying making a steady climb to whatever is above heaven.


Five Finger Death Punch, American Capitalist (Prospect Park) #168, 1,950 sold

If I had a name like Zolton Bathory, I’d flaunt it more. Or at least cover Bathory all the time.


Newsted, Metal EP (Chophouse) #180, 1,800 sold

If you wanted to know more about Newsted’s latest project, we’ve got you covered.


Shinedown, Amaryllis (Atlantic) #187, 1,700 sold

Welcome back to the land of the living.


All That Remains, A War You Cannot Win (Razor & Tie) #193, 1,650 sold

Fun fact: for whatever reason, the picture on ATR’s Wikipedia page is about 7 years old.


Crown The Empire, The Fallout (Rise) 980 sold

Looks like a small boost for this crown…


Capture the Crown, `Til Death (Sumerian) 630 sold

…and small drop for this one.


Otherwise, True Love Never Dies (Century Media) 610 sold

Looks like sales for this album never die.


Philip Anselmo/Warbeast, War Of The Gargantuas (Housecore) 580 sold

A second week drop, but Warbest is still a beast.


Woe, Is Me, Genesi[s] (Rise) 540 sold

A small boost in sales?! Woe! I’m sorry, I mean “Woah!”


Texas In July, Texas In July (Equal Vision) 400 sold

Holy hell, big 45% boost for these non-Texans. If they have another week like this, they’ll cross 10,000 sold next week.


The Amity Affliction, Chasing Ghosts (Roadrunner) 360 sold

Chasing Charts. Eh? Eh.


Mutiny Within, Mutiny Within II: Synchronicity (Self-Released) 560 sold

Apparently, the band is really pleased with the response to their new album.


Wintersun, Time I (Nuclear Blast) 290 sold

Wintersun’s name seems pertinent to the weather this week.


Witchcraft, Legend (Nuclear Blast)  290 sold

Working some witchcraft to get a small boost in sales.


Bad Brains, Into The Future (Megaforce) 280 sold

I keep misreading the band name as Bird Brains for some reason.

The Devin Townsend Project, Epicloud (HevyDevy) 260 sold

Why yes, “Lucky Animals” is still stuck in my head, thank you very much.


Graveyard, Lights Out (Nuclear Blast)  240 sold

It might be lights out for this album soon.