Metal By Numbers 1/12: The return of the charts!

Posted by on February 21, 2022

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

Metal By Numbers is back! First entry of 2022 and we only have one notable debut. Sales weren’t really strong this week but that was to be expected. Get ready for the next several weeks!


Notable Debut:


Feuerschwanz, Memento Mori (Napalm)
250 sold

German medieval folk rock.






Notable Sales:


Greta Van Fleet, The Battle At Garden’s Gate (Lava/Republic Records)
#30 (from 33)
2,400 sold

The Michigan based band drops 40%.








Volbeat, Servant Of The Mind (Republic Records)
#68 (from 86)
1,125 sold

Volbeat’s eighth studio album drops 21%. It’s produced by Jacob Hansen, Michael Poulsen (vocals), and Rob Caggiano (guitar).







Iron Maiden, Senjutsu (Parlophone Records)
#73 (from 63)
1,050 sold

Iron Maiden fall 48% in week 18. Catch them on tour with Trivium and Within Temptation!








Ice Nine Kills, The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood (Fearless Records)
#89 (from 102)
815 sold

Ice Nine Kills experiences a 27% drop. Catch them on tour with Bad Omens, Currents, and Fame On Fire!








Mastodon, Hushed And Grim (Reprise Records)
#90 (from 95)
800 sold

Mastodon falls 38% in week ten. Members of Mastodon write like they’re “…choreographed acrobatics








Spiritbox, Eternal Blue (Rise Records)
#101 (from 145)
700 sold

Spiritbox decrease by a mere 9%. Catch them on tour with Underoath, Bad Omens, and Stray From The Path!








Exodus, Persona Non Grata(Nuclear Blast)
#105 (from 124)
675 sold

An unfortunate 21% drop for their eleventh studio album. Written over the pandemic, this is only the second album to feature Steve “Zetro” Souza since his 2014 return.








Gojira, Fortitude (Roadrunner)
#114 (from 157)
625 sold

Gojira drop 11% after returning to the charts. Unfortunately, they had to postpone their European leg.








Black Label Society, Doom Crew Inc. (Spinefarm)
#116 (from 158)
625 sold

Zakk Wylde and friends drop 10% in week six.






Deftones, Ohms (Reprise)
#118 (from 128)
600 sold
Deftones’ ninth album drops 28%. A fan of Deftones? You’re gonna wanna hear LOATHE.








Foo Fighters, Medicine At Midnight(Roswell)
#133 (from 80)
515 sold

The Foo Fighters drop 65% but they won’t let them stop their North American tour. Did you check out their trailer for “Studio 666“??!!








AC/DC, Power Up(Columbia)
#140 (from 129)
475 sold

A 42% drop, the opposite of a Power Up!







Mammoth WvH, Mammoth WvH (Ex1)
#142 (re-entry)
475 sold

WvH returns to the charts (again)!








Steely Dan, Northeast Corridor: Steely Dan Live (Interscope)
#155 (re-entry)
450 sold

Another re-entry! These are the first Steely Dan albums without founding member Walter Becker who passed away back in 2017.








King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Butterfly 3000 (KGLW)
#172 (from 168)
415 sold

The Melbourne natives decrease by 37%.








Turnstile, Glow On (Roadrunner Records)
#185 (from 180)
375 sold

The Baltimore band’s fourth album drops 36%.







Dream Theater, A View From The Top Of The World (Inside Out)
#197  (re-entry)
350 sold

Their 15th studio album witnesses a 27% decrease. Check out their new video “Transcending Time








Five Finger Death Punch, A Decade Of Destruction, Vol. 2 (Prospect Park)
#199 (re-entry)
350 sold

Surprisingly, FFDP return to the charts (again).








Mouse Rat, The Awesome Album(DualTone/Entertainment 720)
310 sold

Andy Dywer and Mouse Rat drop 25%.







Archspire, Bleed The Future (Season Of Mist)
300 sold

A 12% increase. Maybe Oli Aleron’s stint on the Jasta Show did the trick?







Quicksand, Distant Populations (Epitaph)
230 sold

The NYC post-hardcore outfit’s 4th album falls an expected 57%.








Khemmis, Deceiver (Nuclear Blast)
210 sold

The fourth studio album falls 44% in week seven.








Wolves In The Throne Room, Primordial Arcana(Relapse Records)
200 sold

An outstanding 193% increase.







KK’s Priest, Sermons Of The Sinner (EX1)
200 sold

A 5% decrease for the profound and legendary guitarist.







Cynic, Ascension Codes (Season Of Mist)
175 sold

A 12% jump in week six. It’s Cynic’s fourth studio album and first to not feature late drummer Sean Reinert and Sean Malone.







Knocked Loose, A Tear In The Fabric Of Life (Pure Noise)
150 sold

Knocked Loose’s EP focuses on “a story about extreme grief and the levels a person is willing to go through to get rid of it.”
It still drops 53% but you can watch the short film here.







Jinjer, Wallflowers (Napalm)
150 sold

A 36% drop for the Ukrainian metalcore outfit. Check out their new video for “Disclosure!








Mortiferum, Preserved In Torment(Profound Lore)

Move over Wolves In the Throne Room, fellow Olympia natives released their doom metal masterpiece. A nice 4% jump.








Darkthrone, Eternal Hails (Peaceville)
150 sold

Darkthrone returns to the chart with a 16% increase.







Slaughter To Prevail, Kostolom(Sumerian Records)
140 sold

Their second studio album drops another 5%.








Hypocrisy, Worship (Nuclear Blast)
140 sold

The 13th studio album jumps 37%.








Full Of Hell, Garden Of Burning Apparitions (Relapse Records)
110 sold

58% increase! Frontman Dylan Walker spoke about the lyrical themes of the album as the exploration of  “impermanence and the fear that comes with knowing death is inescapable.” Catch them on tour with Converge, Uniform, and Thou!







Gatecreeper, An Unexpected Reality (Closed Casket Activities)
110 sold

A 163% boost! Amazing album art by Thomas Toye.








Poppy, Flux (Sumerian)
95 sold

A 39%  jump with their return.








Hooded Menace, The Tritonus Bell(Season of Mist)
90 sold

A 17% drop. A full force of 80’s heavy metal for their sixth album.








Powerwolf, Call Of The Wild (Napalm Records)
90 sold

A 19% increase for the story of a man-eating half-wolf, half-dog hybrid.








Epica, Ωmega AliveDVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
90 sold
A 167% increase! Omega Alive is the livestream event from June where the group managed to pull things off that couldn’t be done in a natural live setting.







Beast In Black, Dark Connection (Nuclear Blast)
90 sold

The Finnish quintet’s third studio album jumps 8%.








Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (Inside Out)
90 sold

LTE returns with a 17% increase!



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