Amplified: Faceshift teach us about “Dignity and Shame”

Posted by on January 8, 2016

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Most folks like their gloom and doom once winter hits, but I want catchy. Stockholm’s Faceshift delivered in spades on both their debut album, All Crumbles Down, and their first single “Dignity and Shame.”

This is melodic power metal that’s both very to-the-point and unpretentious, while also keeping the usual D&Disms of the genre out for the most part. The production here is immaculate; the the riff that opens the track is absolutely sublime, solid hooks in the vocal department, and plenty of sugary sweet riffs. This band is young yet, but this is a stellar first release.

Check out the video for “Dignity and Shame” below, and stream All Crumbles Down in its entirety:


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