Five Finger Death Punch have more songs with guest vocalists

Posted by on November 25, 2013

Five Finger Death PunchFive Finger Death Punch, just released their second album this year, The Wrong Side of Heaven And the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 2. And while the first of the two albums had several guest vocalists, including Rob Halford, Maria Brink and Tech N9ne, Vol. 2 doesn’t have any guests. It turns out that there’s a reason for that, and it’s not because they didn’t have anyone lined up. In fact, in a recent interview with Metalitalia, Zoltan Bathory said that the band has collaborations that they’ve done with Rob Zombie, Demon Hunter’s Ryan Clark and Dir En Grey’s vocalist, Kyo that they’re sitting on for the time being.

Many have not fully understood the bonus tracks of Volume 1, was a gift to our fans. The last album containing the best music we’ve written so far, and we did not want the attention had shifted to the guests, so we thought we would not repeat the experience. No one knows the songs that we recorded with ROB ZOMBIE , Ryan Clark of DEMON HUNTER and Kyo of DIR EN GREY , a crazy artist who sang in Japanese on a crazy track. All of these will be part of unreleased soundtracks, video games and more, will be something special that we will give you in the future.

Will a second FFDP album, released less than four months after the first one, pay off for the band? Especially one without guest stars? It appears so. Billboard reports that Vol. 2 is set to sell 80,000 copies later this week, debuting in the top five, which will put the band at about 360,000 copies of the two albums sold so far. For four months, that’s an amazing tally for any band, and with the holiday shopping season officially kicking off this Friday, that’s just going to rise.

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