Destruction’s New Album To Feature Guest Appearances From Sodom And Tankard Frontmen

Posted by on August 8, 2012

While America has the Big 4, Germany essentially has the Big 3 of Teutonic thrash. Those three bands, of course, would be Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. So hearing that Destruction’s new album Spiritual Genocide (due out in November) will feature Sodom’s Tom Angelripper is pretty exciting news.

Destruction confirmed the news by posting a picture of frontman Schmier with the Sodom bassist (as seen above) in the studio on Facebook. As an extra cherry on top of this thrash sundae, Destruction revealed that the same undisclosed track Angelripper sings on will also feature Tankard vocalist Andreas “Gerre” Geremia. Here’s a blurb that Destruction posted along with the picture above:

“A famous visitor at the studio: Mr. Tom Angelripper did put down some vocals tracks on the new DESTRUCTION album this week! Gerre from Tankard will also be featured on the same song! This will be KILLER!!!”

Angelripper did previously appear on a live version of “The Alliance Of Hellhoundz” that made its way on 2009’s The Curse of The Antichrist: Live In Agony. However, a Destruction track featuring the Sodom frontman AND Tankard’s Gerre?! That promises to be something special.

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