Demon Hunter vocalist plays with NYVES

Posted by on November 6, 2014

Vocalist Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter and Randy Torres, formerly of Project 86, have started a new electronic project named NYVES. They’re about ready to complete their first full-length album, and are now looking to crowd fund final production.

Says Ryan Clark on the new project:

“As a designer, having created the aesthetic surrounding Demon Hunter, as well as dozens of other bands, I’ve always been enthralled with the visual identity behind a music project. With NYVES, I want to create a visual language that transcends the average. As a collector myself, with an appreciation for fully-realized artistic expression, I would love the opportunity to bring NYVES to life with a bang — offering multiple physical formats of the record itself, as well as shirts, posters, and other items that further expand the world of NYVES.”

The duo are looking to raise $50,000, and have raised nearly $20,000 with 44 days to go. “Fall Behind” is a song that fans of Depeche Mode will appreciate, with Clark’s vocals driving the sparse electronics of the song. Old school Demon Hunter fans might not be on board, but fans of their latter day output should like it.

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