Exclusive: Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler Clarifies Potential Collaboration With Blotted Science/ Cannibal Corpse Members

Posted by on April 27, 2012


In a recent interview with Mexico’s Search & Destroy, Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler mentioned that he’d love to record new music with guitarist Ron Jarzombek (WatchTower) and bassist Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse). For those unaware, Adler first attempted to collaborate with the two on an instrumental project called Machinations of Dementia back in 2005. When the drummer had to bow out because of Lamb Of God’s schedule, Jarzombek and Webster continued the project under the name Blotted Science.

So is there a chance that Adler could be working on with Webster and Jarzombek once again? After reaching out to him, Adler was kind enough to give us the following comment clarifying a few things:

“While there are no current recording plans, Ron and I are in touch and have repeatedly expressed interest in working together. We’ve written together before and the results are amazing. It would be a significant personal regret if we were unable to find more opportunities in the future.”

So there you have it: while both have expressed interest, there are no immediate plans to hit the studio. And that’s completely understandable, given that both Adler and Webster’s main bands are busier than ever. Plus, we’re still waiting to hear something from Adler’s other supergroup collaboration. Although it’s definitely safe to say that Adler is as hopeful as we are that he and at least Jarzombek will work together again soon.

Adler’s entire video interview with Search & Destroy can be seen above [note: comments about the Jarzombek and Webster collaboration made around the 11:40 mark]. You can also listen to “The Near Dominance Of 4 Against 5,” which Adler and Jarzombek recorded together in 2006 for Magna Carta Records’ Drum Nation Vol. 3 compilation, in the video after the jump.


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