Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler Comments On Collaboration With BTBAM’s Paul Waggoner, and Keith Merrow

Posted by on September 20, 2011

Yesterday, word leaked that Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler, Between The Buried And Me guitarist Paul Waggoner and solo multi-instrumentalist Keith Merrow were collaborating on a new project together. Knowing each musicians’ technical abilities, we obviously (like many) geeked out over the idea of such a supergroup. Rather than just go gaga over another mega-collaboration, though, we decided to find out more from the Lamb Of God drummer himself.

After reaching out to him, Adler was kind enough to give us the following comment on his recent project-in-the-works:

“It’s not a secret, but there’s not much to comment about. We’ve agreed to write some dirty hard rock together with Ralf [Gyllenhammar] from Mustasch. If you can help us untangle our spaghetti schedules to jam, we’d be all about it.”

He may say there’s not much to comment about, but he did reveal some cool tidbits, like that it’ll be a hard rock driven group. Plus, he also confirms that Ralf Gyllenhammar is definitely on board for the group. However, he also verifies that it may take a while for this project to see the light of day thanks to the busy schedules of each member’s main bands.

Keith Merrow (who is also working on a death metal side-project called Demisery) also gave an update about the collaboration to Metal Sucks, saying the following:

“As of right now, it’s a very casual collaboration. We have 3 or 4 song ideas we’ve tossed around over the past few months, and they are all really cool. Very different from any music you’d hear from each of us, individually. All of us are pretty busy these days, but this is a collaboration that we are all really excited about!”

So now we (Metal Insider and the fans) know what we have to do: help them “untangle their spaghetti schedules” so they can work on this material together!

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