Brian Posehn, Brendon Small, Corey Taylor, Scott Ian covering ‘What Does the Fox Say?’

Posted by on December 18, 2013


Earlier this year when we caught up with Brian Posehn, he told us that he would be working on an album for Megaforce Records along with Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian. In addition to covers of Riot’s “Swords and Tequila” and a-ha’s “Take On Me,” we apparently know one other song that will be on the album. Metal Injection sleuth (and former MI contributor) Daniel Cordova uncovered from Brendon Small’s appearance on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast that Dethklok mastermind Brendon Small appeared on the show and said “I end up getting roped into other music stuff. I’m doing a ridiculous cover of ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ with Scott Ian and Brian Posehn,” adding “Oh! and Corey from Slipknot is a part of it. It actually sounds really, really good.”

Well, that’s interesting. “What Does the Fox Say?” is an international WTF hit by Norwegian duo Ylvis that’s basically this year’s “Gangam Style.” It should probably be covered by no one ever, but if anyone could attempt to do it justice, those four would be the ones to do it. Here’s what Posehn said about the Riot and a-ha covers earlier this year.

 We have two that he (Scott Ian) just did the guitar demos for, so we’re going to work on a couple of more demos, and then we’re gonna get the full band to record. We’ll probably do five or six songs, then break, then write five or six more, or figure out the covers. We have a list of covers that we want to do, and I can tell you a couple. We’re going to do the Riot song “Swords and Tequila,” and that we’re not gonna fuck with, really. We’re just going to have it be whoever else wants to get in the booth with me, or send screams in from wherever they live. I’m just going to fill it with guest vocals and guest guitars. I’ve already got some friends on board. Guys like the Death Angel guys, Testament, Rob Flynn, and maybe Phil of Vio-Lence and Machine Head. I’ll go to other friends and say “do you like that Riot song?” and if they say yes, ask if they want to sing or play guitar, and then just fill it with coolness. It’s a tribute to a band that, you, I’m sure, know about, but a lot of people don’t. I feel like they should get what Anvil’s gotten, even though one of their singers isn’t around anymore. I just feel like they were one of those bands that was overlooked when you talk about metal history. They influenced a ton of bands. Riot wasn’t a thrash band but all the thrash bands that followed were big Riot fans. That’s a fun one, and to kind of do what I covered by doing “The Gambler” on the last record, we’re gonna do another silly sound that COULD be metal. We’re going to do a-ha’s “Take on Me,” and I think it’ll just be really funny, fast, and heavy.

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