Will Rock Bands Take Over Film Scores?

Posted by on January 11, 2010

Rumors have been swirling around the internet about rock band Muse potentially scoring Warner Brothers’ new Clash Of The Titans remake. This past week, director Louis Leterrier confirmed to MTV that they were originally in talks with Muse vocalist/guitarist Matt Bellamy to provide music for the film as a solo artist. However, Bellamy had to back out due to touring commitments. Sure, Muse isn’t exactly metal, but Bellamy’s involvement would’ve made the film’s soundtrack pretty epic. Additionally, this comes five months after Mastodon revealed plans for scoring Legendary Picture’s new comic adaptation, Jonah Hex.

With all of these reports about rock acts scoring films, could we be seeing a new trend in Hollywood? Well-known bands scoring movie soundtracks isn’t a new concept; we’ve seen it plenty of times over the years, from Queen’s Flash Gordon to Korn’s Jonathan Davis composing for Queen Of The Damned. Yet it is rare to see newer and more diverse rock acts given a shot at a major studio film’s score. Could this be a sign of Hollywood acquiring more cool rock acts to score films?

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