Trent Reznor No Longer Attached To Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Posted by on March 14, 2011

Despite previous reports, Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor WILL NOT be scoring or acting in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Though he was in talks, Reznor was apparently never officially committed to the movie. Reznor gave the following explanation on Nine Inch Nails’ official message board:

“Don’t believe everything you read. As it turns out, I WON’T be working on (acting or scoring) ALVH after all. There’s no juicy story here, it’s just that when the news mysteriously leaked out about my involvement I hadn’t made up my mind completely, because various aspects of the project were changing. I felt the need to say something earlier this week because my inbox was filling up with speculation, and at that moment I thought I would be doing it. Confused yet? Apparently I am.

Bottom line, I wish them the best with the film and I’m sure it will still be great.

Also, in all the excitement of the last note I forgot to mention we’re still fully engaged with the Year Zero mini-series, writing away.”

So there you have it, Reznor won’t be scoring or acting in the film. However, despite recently vowing to focus on new music, Reznor does reveal that the Year Zero mini-series is still in the works. We can’t, though, necessarily say that his recent Oscar win has helped the mini-series finally get off the ground after numerous delays. Sure, the award may be helping, but Reznor confirmed back in September that the series based on the 2007 album Year Zero was moving forward with HBO and BBC. Regardless, seeing Reznor so active in all forms of media slightly makes up for not getting the chance to see him dressed up as a vampire and killing President Lincoln’s mother, in 3D nonetheless!


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