Thy Art is Murder have cameo in Power Rangers movie

Posted by on October 10, 2016


OK, so maybe it’s not a noticeable one, but Thy Art Is Murder make an appearance in the forthcoming Power Rangers movie, whose trailer made it’s debut over the weekend at the New York ComicCon. You’ll have to look closely, or look at the band’s Instagram, but there’s a scene where a Ranger-to-be is tormented by a bully wearing a Thy Art Is Murder shirt. Is the point they’re making that bullies listen to deathcore, or is it just that a shirt that say “thy art is murder” is a pretty bully-like shirt for a bully to wear? Either way, it’s kind of cool to see. The movie actually looks like it might be good too. It’s definitely less cheesy and cartoonish than the 1990’s TV series and movie and possibly a bit darker. Check out the trailer below.



Anyone spy this #thyartismurder shirt in the new #powerrangers trailer?

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