Marvel’s new movie The Avengers already had some hard rock cred to it, with Mr. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt in several scenes and a Nine Inch Nails song being used in the first trailer. Now you can add Soundgarden’s name to that list.

As it turns out, a new song from Soundgarden called “Live To Rise” will be featured on the soundtrack to the superhero film, due out in theatres on May 4. At the moment, it’s unclear whether this single will appear on the long awaited new album that the reunited grunge pioneers have been working on for the past year. And while the band is no stranger to unusual partnerships, we definitely didn’t expect to hear our first taste of new Soundgarden material via The Avengers.

While it appears that we’ll have to wait till the soundtrack’s release on May 1 to hear the entire song, Soundgarden have released a snippet online. You can listen to the 22 second sample of “Live To Rise” above.