One of the tours we were most looking forward to seeing in this relatively new year was the one that Intronaut announced with The Ocean. Given that the German prog-metal collective doesn’t make its way over to the States that often, it would’ve been great to see them play alongside Chicago’s Intronaut. We say “would have” because the band announced today that due to visa issues, they won’t be making their way over here. Scale the Summit will be taking their place.

It is with great regret, that we have to pull out of the upcoming US tour. We initiated the application process months ago, but unfortunately at this stage, it is highly unlikely that we will get our US visas in time. As everyone will understand, we cannot spend money on transatlantic flights or van deposits without secure visas.

We will not abort the visa application process – once they get processed, we will do another US tour.

We’re very sorry for those who were hoping to see us, and for Intronaut – but this is out of our hands. Make sure to go watch the ‘nauts regardless! And rest assured that we will also use the time to work on our upcoming album.

At least they’l’l be working on another album, and also another tour. Bummer for those that wanted to see The Ocean, but Scale the Summit is a more than worthy cover-up.