Wes Borland is cool with fans playing guitar with him onstage… JUST NO SELFIES!

Posted by on May 24, 2016

Borland no selfie

Let’s be honest, it’s beyond obnoxious when crowdsurfers hop onstage and interrupt musicians by trying to take selfies with them. That’s why we don’t blame Wes Borland for the way he acted when a fan tried to do just that during one of Limp Bizkit’s recent South American shows. The guitarist even posted this video of him and security abruptly removing said fan from the stage via Instagram:

Well during their show in Buenos Aires, Argentina last night (May 23), Limp Bizkit awarded one fan who showed respect by inviting him into their space. More specifically, they brought up a fan to play guitar on “My Way”, while Borland himself took over vocals for the song. And to think, it’s 2016 and fans still want to take selfies and play onstage with Limp Bizkit. Next you’ll tell us that fans would flock to a gas station for a free Limp Bizkit show… oh wait

Footage of Borland taking over vocal duties to let a fan play guitar can be seen below.


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