And the most brutal band breakup of 2018 goes to….

Posted by on November 27, 2018

2018 is turning out to be quite an interesting year as we can’t get over the Threatin conspiracy. With that being said, the Toronto doom metal outfit Witchrot has decided to go on an extended hiatus. The band’s reason will either remind you of a daytime TV soap opera or potentially another publicity ploy. We’ve never heard of this band until their brutal breakup statement has gone viral, and it doesn’t get anymore metal than this. Or can it?

Read the statement below:

“Due to the unfortunate reality of our guitarist fucking my girlfriend of almost 7 years WITCHROT will be taking an extended hiatus. I however will continue the band in another space and time, being ripe with hate the music is slowly flowing and without a doubt will become the most devastating, torturous music I have ever created. Thanks for the support, stay heavy – Peter

Also our drummer died…”


Their brutal reason has also made it to USA Today.

In the meantime, check out Peter’s other project Crazy Bones:



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