Slayer’s Tom Araya Claims “Politics Of Character In One Particular Band” Stand In The Way Of More Big 4 Shows

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Big-Four-Group-ShotHoping that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will once again join forces for more shows? Well don’t hold your breath, because apparently “politics” are standing in the way of more Big 4 shows. In fact, Slayer’s Tom Araya goes even further to say that the politics come from one particular band.

During an interview with The Gazette, The Slayer bassist/vocalist was asked about future Big 4 shows. And while admitting that more shows depend on Metallica, the Yankee Stadium show was likely the last for the Big 4, saying:

“I don’t want to say politics is preventing that. It’s not the politics between bands; it’s the politics of character in one particular band. We had an issue that came up on the New York show, which really freaked everybody out, but the New York show happened. I think, in all honesty, that was the last time we did the Big Four. I think another Big Four show might not happen. They could prove me wrong. Those shows basically, even though it was called the Big Four, it was done through Metallica. It was with Metallica’s blessing that allowed those shows to happen. If they want to continue and do a couple more shows, I think that would be great … if we were to sit down with them and communicate with them, that’s what I’d tell them.”

Araya stays mum on which band’s “character” caused the trouble in New York. However, a lot of fans may ultimately suspect its Metallica given their status (somewhat supported by Araya’s “blessing” comments). However, the “issue that came up on the New York show” brings to mind the fact that Megadeth almost pulled out of the show due to Dave Mustaine’s neck injury. With Gary Holt filling in for Slayer, his bandmates in Exodus were even flown in as a last minute replacement, but were yanked when Megadeth played on as planned. “I just felt bad for Exodus, ’cause they were on the bill. They were working on flights. And that got yanked. I mean, Gary [Holt, Exodus guitarist] is gonna be here anyway, but the band Exodus, I felt bad for them,” Kerry King said in an interview that took place at Yankee Stadium.

Of course, all we can do is speculate which band’s politics caused the rift, at least until Araya or another member of a Big 4 band comes clean. Regardless, here’s hoping Araya is proven wrong (as much I’d personally like to say I was at the very last Big 4 show).

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