Genghis Tron, RWake, Unearthly Trance, Dsyrhmia, Brutal Truth, 16 Make Their Top Picks For 2008

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relapse_logo1Our friends at Relapse Records sent BITPOM a gigantic list of top five and top tens of the year from a bunch of artists on their excellent roster. Instead of parceling them out, like we’d initially planned, we’re going to just give you one gigantic list of year-end goodness.

Kevin Hufnagel / Dysrhythmia

1. Extra Life, ‘Secular Works’
2. Krallice, s/t
3. Ocrilim, Annwn
4. Cynic Traced in Air
5. Portishead Third
6. Meshuggah Obzen
7. Virus, The Black Flux
8. C-Section s/t
9. Fennesz Black Sea
10. Zevious s/t

Ryan Lipynsky / Unearthly Trance:

1. Jex Thoth, Jex Thoth
2. Big Business, Tour EP III
3. Portishead, Third
4. Aura Noir, Hades Rise
5. Electric Wizard Witchcult Today
6. The VSS, Nervous Circuits (Re-release W/ Bonus stuff)
7. Darkthrone, Dark Thrones and Black Flags
8. Outlaw Order, Dragging Down the Enforcer
9. Arson Anthem, Arson Anthem EP
10. Harvey Milk, Life..The best Game in Town

Richard Hoak / Brutal Truth

1. Insek, Maaiers cd
2. Abiku, Left cd
3. Abiku, Right cd
4.’s Brutal Beatings V.1 comp cd
5. Misery Index, Traitors cd
6. Spoonful of Vicodin, “pill poppin'” 7inch vinyl
7. Total Fucking Destruction, Peace, Love and Total Fucking Destruction cd
8. Black Ganion, First cd
9. FU, Love Children cd
10. Old Head, 2008 demos cd-r

Hamilton Jordan / Genghis Tron (guitar/programming)

1. Portishead, Third
2. Snowman, The Horse, The Rat, and the Swan
3. Invisible Conga People, “Cable Dazed/Weird Pains” 12″
4. Nine Inch Nailsm The Slip
5. Krallice, “Krallice
6. The Magnetic Fields, Distortion
7. M83, Saturdays = Youth
8. Pacific UV, Longplayer 2
9. Flying Lotus, Los Angeles
10. Wrath of the Weak, Alogon

Bobby Ferry: Guitar – 16

1. Made Out of Babies, Ruiner
2. Bison, Quiet Earth
3. Annihilation Time, Tales of the Ancient Age
4. Akimbo, Jersey Shores
5. Wetnurse, Invisible City

Cris Jerue: Vocals – 16

1. Black Flag, Slip It In
2. Black Flag, Damaged
3. Black Flag, Loose Nut
4. Black Flag, Jealous Again
5. Black Flag, My War

Jason Corley: Drummer – 16

1. Mumakil, Customized Warfare
2. Machetazo, Mundo Cripta
3. Ringworm, The Nevemous Grand Design
4. Fistula, Burdened By Your Existence
5. Eminem, Relapse

Tony Baumeister: Bass – 16

1. Made Out of Babies, The Ruiner
2. Crom, Hot Sumerian Nights
3. Melvins, Nude With Boots
4. The Mars Volta, The Bedlam in Goliath
5. Harvey Milk, Life…the Best Game in Town

CT / Rwake

ASG Win Us Over
“This is the 1st cd in a very long time that i start right back over when it’s done. the lyrics and the vocals are liquid perfect and conquering. 100% flawless victory.”

Metallica Death Magnetic
“I got to where i listened to this about 50 times right when it came out, and now i’m back on it again. ‘The Day That Never Comes’ man, that song is the shit. I’ve heard folks say “that song sound just like this one or that one” like it’s a bad thing. This album makes me proud to be a Metallica fan. Also ‘Suicide and Redemption’ is a favorite pick for me.”
Clouds, We Are Above You
Torche, Meanderthal
Deadbird, Twillight Ritual

Pete Benumb/Agenda of Swine

Misery Index, Traitors
Kingdom of Sorrow, s/t
Grace Alley, “Demo”
Kill the Client “all”

Steffen Kummerer / Obscura

1. Cynic, Traced in Air
2. Dark Fortress, Eidolon
3. Noneuclid, The Crawling Chaos (flamenco based death metal with seven strings written by a classical composer from the Netherlands – just impressive!)
4. Opeth, Watershed
5. Sahg, II

Dave Witte / Burnt By The Sun, Municipal Waste

Leviathan, Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
“This record is the pinnacle of American Black Metal, so full of real emotion it transcends the label, becomes it’s own and beyond. Total perfection.”

Young Widows, Old Wounds
“A huge progressive leap from the last record that shows Widows comfortably writing memorable songs with balls while claiming today’s noise rock throne to boot.”

Meshuggah, Obzen
“The record that every band who ‘borrows'” from them wishes they could even think of writing AND their strongest record since Destroy, Erase, Improve. In one word: Bleed.”

Torche, Meanderthal
“The most crushingly heavy pop album ever, the masses don’t know it yet.”

AC/DC, Black Ice
“The best band ever.”

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