Limp Bizkit made Kerry King want to quit music

Posted by on March 29, 2017

Even though “Stain of Mind” had some people saying that Slayer were a nu-metal band when it came out in 1998, it’s pretty safe to say that the band were never fans of the genre, which was at it’s commercial peak towards the end of the decade when the band released Diabolus In Musica. However, inan interview at uDiscover, guitarist Kerry King states that the success of Limp Bizkit, whose 1999 album Significant Other sold 1 million copies in two weeks, disillusioned him to the point of almost throwing in the towel.

“I was really jaded for a while back in the late ’90s. I couldn’t understand why Limp Bizkit was big. It affected me – I didn’t want to play music. I thought, ‘If this is the way that music’s going, then fuck this, I hate it.’ That’s why Jeff Hanneman wrote so much of our 1998 album ‘Diabolus in Musica,’ which is too funky for me.”

That’s one hell of a statement to make. Given that King’s guitar work on The Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill (on “(You Gotta) “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” and “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”) helped usher in rap metal in 1986, you’d think he would be the last one to say that some guy rapping over heavy guitars ruined music. Also, someone should probably define what funk music is to King. Thankfully, King had the last laugh, as Limp Bizkit have been threatening people with a follow up to Gold Cobra since 2011, and Slayer are on one of the best tours of the Summer. At any rate, here’s “Stain of Mind.”

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