It’s a little ironic that the Vans Warped Tour, which celebrates extreme sports alongside punk, metal and emo music, will be missing Pierce the Veil guitarist Tony Perry for the beginning of the tour after he suffered a mountain biking accident. It was enough to require immediate surgery, and with a collapsed lung it looks like the veil wasn’t the only thing pierced. Here’s what the band said via Facebook:

Hey everyone, it’s Vic. I’m sad to say that I have some bad news for you. Our guitar player Tony Perry was recently hospitalized for an incident while riding his mountain bike last weekend. He sustained 3 broken ribs, a torn shoulder, collapsed lung and a broken sternum, for which he needed immediate surgery to repair. Fortunately, his surgery went very well, and he is expected to make a full recovery. He was released from the hospital yesterday, but due to doctors orders, he will not be joining us for the beginning of Warped Tour until he is healthy enough to play. We will still be carrying on with the tour as planned, and we hope to see TOny Perry back on stage with us very soon. Your fan support is greatly appreciated, so be sure to send Tony some love while he’s healing up! Thanks and we’ll see you all on Warped!

As the above picture shows, it seems like he came out on the other side of surgery ok enough to be all thumbs up about it. That being said, three broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a broken sternum and Warped Tour sounds like a terrible combination. Here’s hoping for a relatively painless recovery for him.

[via Lambgoat]