Tool fan smashes guitar on terrorist attacker’s head

Posted by on March 9, 2016

guitarheroisraelWe live in a world plagued by terrible people who only care to cause harm to others and, sadly, that’s an occurrence everywhere in the world. Gladly, there are people on the opposite side of the coin who will do whatever is in their power to do good and counter the efforts of those with malicious intentions and there are many of those good people within the rock and metal community, like the Tool fan who fought a terrorist off with his guitar.

On Tuesday, a terrorist went on a stabbing rampage on Tel Aviv, Israel, injuring 12 people and actually taking the life of an American student who was on a trip to learn about global entrepreneurship. The toll would’ve increased if it wasn’t for Yishay Montgomery, a musician and clearly a Tool fan, who was playing his guitar across the street and confronted the terrorist by smashing it on his head, leaving the terrorist stunned.

Montgomery said about the incident:

I was sitting down playing guitar and I heard screaming from across the street, I saw a man run at me with a knife, I ran at him with the guitar and smashed it in his head. He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do with himself….

As you can imagine, Montgomery’s guitar was damaged but his heroic actions did not go unnoticed and someone launched a crowdfunding campaign to replace his guitar which actually led to one of the backers to commit on getting him a guitar signed by Tool themselves! Hell, he deserves to have his own Tool private concert for such a display of utter badassery, but we believe the signed guitar is more feasible than that.

We salute you, Guitar Hero!



[via Metalsucks]


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