Highlights From The Revolver Golden Gods 2013

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Black Veil Brides take aim at the crowd

Black Veil Brides are used to haters, and the crowd at the award show made it clear that they didn’t think the band deserved “Song Of The Year.” However, frontman Andy Biersack and the band decided to fight back, exchanging heated words and middle fingers with the hecklers. Let’s just say they didn’t win any new fans that night.


…And Metallica For All

It’s the performance Revolver has been hyping since announcing the nominees: METALLICA. And who wouldn’t be happy about hearing them open with “Disposable Heroes.” However, it’s a tad disappointing that the only surprise guest was Rob Halford (who joined them for a rendition of the Priest favorite “Rapid Fire”). Not that it wasn’t awesome to see Metallica play with the metal god himself, but it would’ve been cool to also see them play with Lemmy Kilmister, Glenn Danzig, or even their former bassist Jason Newsted (all of whom were in attendance). Besides that, though, there wasn’t anything to complain about (though anyone else notice how much bigger Lars’ bald spot has gotten?).


And there you have it, another year in the can. How will Revolver top themselves next year? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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