Highlights From The Revolver Golden Gods 2013

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Five Finger Death Punch perform with two Robs (Halford and Zombie)

FFDP had teased fans that they were performing a new song with a very special guest. None of us expected, though, that said guest would be the metal god himself Rob Halford. After performing the new song with the Judas Priest singer, the band was joined onstage by their Mayhem Fest co-headliners Rob Zombie and John 5 for a cover of “Thunder Kiss 65.”


Corey Taylor’s emotional acceptance speech

While Taylor had won earlier in the night with Slipknot for “Best Live Band,” he seemed to be the most taken back by winning “Best Vocalist.” In fact, after a minute of holding his award, Taylor began to let his emotions get the best of him and started to cry. Without a doubt, it was pretty intense to see how much the award meant to Taylor.


Stone Sour merges with Slipknot to cover Black Sabbath

Speaking of Taylor, the singer’s two bands combined last night when Slipknot’s Clown and Chris Fehn joined Stone Sour for a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Children Of The Grave.” Fitting tribute considering that the Iron Man himself Tony Iommi wasn’t in attendance (despite being given the “Riff Lord” award).


Papa Emeritus II takes his hat off for Hanneman

As we mentioned before, the entire evening was filled with tributes to Hanneman. However, one of the most subtle yet memorable tributes of the night (next to King’s) came from Ghost B.C.’s leader Papa Emeritus II. After slowly making his way onstage to introduce Danzig, Papa slowly removed his Pope like hat (yes, his entire head is painted black), asked the crowd to be silent for a second, and said “I take my hat off… to Jeff Hanneman.” Subtle, yet powerful.

Danzig plays a few Misfits classics

Unlike the other performances of the night, Danzig’s five song set feature know surprise guests (since it had been known that Doyle Von Frankenstein was going to join him to play a few Misfits songs). However, when you have a set that features classics like “Mother” and “Last Caress,” surprise guests aren’t really needed.

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