Hernan_'Eddie'_Hermida_from_All_Shall_Perish_(3)Former All Shall Perish vocalist Eddie Hermida has now signed on as the new frontman for Suicide Silence following Mitch Lucker ‘s untimely death. While Hermida gave his side of the story in accepting the offer and parting ways with All Shall Perish, Mike Tiner gave All Shall Perish’s side to Metal Injection.

Tiner says his initial concerns when Hermida said he was considering working with both bands involved the intensity of touring schedules. He shared his thoughts with Metal Injection via email:

“‘How are you going to possibly have time to do both bands?’ Eddie reassured us a dozen times over that both bands would be able to coexist and work together with one another, with him as the vocalist of both bands.”

According to Tiner, when they confronted Hermida about the conflict and how All Shall Perish was supposedly instructed by Suicide Silence’s management that their work would need to be put on hold until Hermida was established with the new project, Tiner says Hermida responded with an ultimatum.

“Eddie still insisted it could work but also maintained that Suicide Silence would be his priority. We asked Eddie if he was quitting and he said, “No, I’m not. If you want me out of All Shall Perish, you’ll have to fire me.”

While Tiner speaks about his concern for both bands and for fans, saying members were close and they were excited to know that Suicide Silence would be able to continue on, they don’t want All Shall Perish fans to be concerned about the future of their band. Hermida told Suicide Silence fans during his interview with Metal Injection to have faith in the transition of new singers for Suicide Silence saying, “Trust me, I got this,”  Tiner is also reassuring All Shall Perish fans not to worry about their band finding a new singer. He told Metal Injection:

“We have come back and gotten better every time and this time is no different. So don’t worry: WE got this!”