By now you’re probably (sic) of hearing about Joey Jordison and Corey Taylor’s contrasting statements regarding Slipknot’s future. And even though Taylor recently stated that there will be another Slipknot albums, it would appear that there’s still a disagreement over an exact time frame.

In a recent interview with, Jordison was asked about Taylor’s past reluctance towards moving forward without the late Paul Gray. “I’ve been in and out of the studio for about six months now that’s on the Slipknot record and also on some solo stuff as well. He (Taylor) does want to keep doing it,” Jordison claimed. Granted, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a new Slipknot record will be coming out anytime soon. However, the drummer’s response seems to contrast Taylor’s comments in Dallas, TX last year, where he said that “they’ve still got a couple of years” before Slipknot does a new album. At least now, though, the two can finally agree that Slipknot will record a new album. Just don’t expect to hear any new stuff during Mayhem Fest this Summer.

But what about this “solo stuff” Jordison casually slipped in? Here’s what the drummer had to say about his solo project:

“Yeah, I’m gonna be forming a band in the near future with a lot of the material I’ve been writing lately. I don’t want to release too much but I have been in the studio and I think people will be pretty surprised at what I come up with. It’s heavy! But (Slipknot) is all I care about right now. We are one of a kind, for sure. No one will ever be like us.”

While it’ll be interesting to hear what he ends up producing, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s written music outside of Slipknot or even his other band the Murderdolls. Back in 2005, Jordison was a “team captain” for the Roadrunner United album. This album saw him overseeing and producing five tracks with numerous artists from Roadrunner’s roster (both past and present).

However, the material he recorded for Roadrunner United probably won’t help us determine what a Joey Jordison solo record could sound like. Each song the drummer recorded was pretty different from each other.  “Annihilation by the Hands of God” was a death metal tune featuring Deicide’s Glen Benton, while “Tired N’ Lonely” was a hard rock song featuring Life Of Agony’s Keith (now Mina) Caputo. Guess we’ll just have to wait (like with the new Slipknot album) to find out what Jordison’s material sounds like.

You can check out video of Jordison recording “Annihilation by the Hands of God” and performing “Tired N’ Lonely” live during the 2005 Roadrunner United concert in NYC after the jump.