If Axl Rose is still dancing with Mr. Brownstone, he’s doing it Fred Astaire style with the aid of a cane. Apparently, the Guns N’ Roses frontman hit up some Golden Globes after parties this past Sunday (13) with a cane, or perhaps a walking stick. As our pals at Metal Sucks pointed out, he appears to be walking just fine without it.

Not long ago, we’d think that that Rose’s accessory might be a weapon to beat back the paparazzi, but the singer appears downright convivial in the video, cracking jokes to a fan, and even answering someone that asks the dumbest question ever (“Hey Axl, what keeps you rockin’ out?”). Axl’s answer was “healthy living,” and indeed he looks pretty healthy, if maybe a little overfed. If he’s still on drugs, they’re probably not the ones he was on back in his heyday. Maybe it won’t be another decade before the next GN’R album. Check out video of the singer after the jump.