Soulfly unveils artwork for upcoming album ‘Savages’

Posted by on July 31, 2013

soulflysavagescdSoulfly has already announced they will release their ninth full-length album October 4 on Nuclear Blast Records, but they hadn’t showed off the album artwork until now. Paul Stottler, known for Sacred Reich’s  Surf Nicaragua cover, created the cover for Soulfly’s future release, Savages. Stottler also had artistic credits on the band’s self-titled breakthrough album, contributing via label design.

While the artwork for the new release doesn’t stray far from Soulfly’s previous cover displays, the band has also recruited a long list of support from their fellow genre mates as they have in the past.  The band’s forthcoming release enlists Neil Fallon of Clutch, Mitch Harris of Napalm Death and Jamie Hanks of I Declare War. It’s gotten to be a formula for the band, albeit one that works, in that each of their nine albums features a handful of guest stars.

One difference on the new album is the addition of drum tracks laid down by 21-year-old Zyon Cavalera, son of Max, who joined the band after David Kane left in October. Igor and Richie Cavalara also contribute, making the project a true family affair.

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