Here’s a list of bands that were banned on Soviet Union Radio

Posted by on June 2, 2014

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We’ve heard about metal music being banned in some shape or form before, but did you ever want to know what music was banned from Soviet Union radio stations in 1985? Well, there exists such a list, and it is apparently titled “the approximate list of foreign musical groups and artists whose repertoires contain ideologically harmful compositions.” Of course, the list contains bands you’d expect from that time period despite not being harmful, but then there are groups on there that are just mind-boggling not just because they’re listed as harmful in the first place, but because of the reason given as to why they were  blacklisted. Here’s the list of “not recommended” bands for Communism:





So, we have metal mainstays like Sabbath and Maiden on there for violence which isn’t surprising. Then we have Judas Priest down for…racism? If someone knows where that’s coming from, please share. Now, can someone explain why The B-52’s are banned for punk (which is apparently its own reason?) and the Village People are somehow violent? There’s misunderstanding the message of a band or artist, but then there’s full on misrepresentation. No wonder the damn Soviet Union collapsed.

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