Fight ‘Em Til They Melt – Scott Ian Versus A Snowman

Posted by on January 21, 2013

Scott Ian from Anthrax has the life. Whether it’s playing rhythm guitar with Anthrax and The Damned Things, playing a zombie on The Walking Dead, or appearing on just about every VH1 clip show about metal or rock, Ian certainly gets around. Apparently, another perk of being a highly visible guitar player is that you’ll occasionally get to torch a snowman with a flamethrower.

We’re not sure why this happened, but it’s pretty great. Ian put it up on his Twitter page earlier today, and while there’s no word on how or when this took place, there’s a little bit of a reason involved, as you’ll see after the jump. Let’s hope it has nothing to do with Metal Sucks, but we’re glad he’s not torching a snowman that says ‘Metal Insider.’ Don’t forget, they’ll be headlining the Metal Alliance tour, which tickets are on sale for now. 

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