What’s Opeth up to in 2016?

Posted by on January 27, 2016

opethteaserIt’s been two years since Opeth released Pale Communion, and while the band haven’t yet announced any sort of follow up to it yet, they did post the attached image on their social media today. That could mean that they’ll be working on a follow-up that will be out this year. It could also just mean that they’ll be playing some more special shows.

Actually, more touring seems like it might be a little more realistic of what to expect from the band. They’ve got enough of a fan base and an impressive enough back catalog that they could play a few shows doing an album in it’s entirety, like they did last year with Ghost Reveries for their 25th anniversary. Given that there’s a stage in the image, it would appear that it’s touring-related and we’ll hear about it soon, and it also suggests that like last year, they’ve got something special up their sleeves. Regardless, its’s cool to see that we’ll be hearing from Opeth one way or another this year.


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