Trailer For Lamb Of God’s ‘Resolution’ Includes Snippets Of New Material

Posted by on December 19, 2011


We’re almost a month away from the release of Lamb Of God’s new album Resolution. So far, the only song we’ve heard in full off the album is “Ghost Walking.” And while we can’t wait to hear more, at least we can hear snippets of a few other songs in a new trailer posted online today.

From what we can make out from Randy Blythe’s singing, our guess is that the song featured in the 50 second trailer is “Desolation” (track number 2 on the album). Although, it should be noted that the title of the song  was not included with the video, and this is simply us guessing after looking at the track listing. You can watch the new trailer for Resolution in the player above. In case you need a reminder, Lamb Of God’s new album comes out on January 24 via Epic Records.

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