Mike Patton Hints At What “Mysterious Song” Faith No More Played In Argentina Could Be

Posted by on November 10, 2011

The web has been buzzing ever since video of Faith No More playing a mysterious song in Argentina Tuesday night (November 8 ) surfaced. No one seems to be sure what the song actually is [check out better quality audio of the song down below]. Could it be a previously unreleased b-side, or is it possibly that the band has written a spanking new song? Well though singer Mike Patton didn’t confirm anything, he did give some interesting hints in a recent interview with MovieWeb.

While the interview mainly focused on his score for the film The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Patton did discuss a few things regarding Faith No More. For instance, when asked whether they’ll play any b-sides from King For A Day… Fool For A Lifetime when they perform the album in its entirety at the Maquinaria Festival in Santiago, Chile on November 12, Patton said the following:

“I think we are just going to do front to back. I think there maybe…We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know (laughs)!”

Just before letting that slip, though, Patton revealed that there’s not much material recorded during Angel Dust and King For A Day… sessions that hasn’t been released, saying:

 “No. I can’t think of any. I think most of the stuff we did…There may be a song or two…But there are reasons for leaving something off a record. Maybe we didn’t think they were good enough. Over the years, there have been so many compilations, and greatest hits, I think they have gone through the graveyard of B Sides, and they have exhausted them all.”

So as Patton claims, there aren’t that many b-sides that haven’t been featured on compilations and such. Thus, if the mysterious song was a b-side, chances are high that someone would’ve recognized it as one by now. So could it be possible that this is indeed a new song?

Whatever the mysterious song may be, we still shouldn’t hold our breath for a new album…yet. When asked if new material was in the works, Patton replied with the following:

“Well…There are no plans. That is all I can say. We have basically talked very little about it. I think that is because we are really just getting to know each other again. And we are getting to enjoy each other’s company again. We are taking it, and appreciating it for what it is. We are not trying to look too far ahead. That is the honest truth.”

While we’ll have to wait in anticipation for a new Faith No More Album, Patton did confirm that he’s working on new albums from his other projects like Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, and Mondo Cane. You can read MovieWeb’s entire interview with Patton online, while better quality audio of the mysterious song can be heard after the jump.


[via The PRP]

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