megacountExtinction? Probably not, that’s so 1992. However, visitors to Megadeth’s website will find that a clock has started counting down to Friday, October 2 at Noon ET. Presumably, that’s when we’ll be treated to a new song from the forthcoming album. The band already had an album called The System has Failed, but the website the countdown is on is, so let the speculation begin. The image behind the countdown is a  bridge with a piece missing from it, as lightning ominously strikes in the background. We’ll  see what happens in a week, but in the meantime, here’s the track listing of the album:

1. Death From Within
2. Fatal Illusion
3. Conquer… Or Die!
4. Lying In State
5. Me Hate You
6. The Emperor’s New Clothes
7. Dystopia
8. Bullet To The Brain
9. Last Dying Wish
10. Post American World
11. Look Who’s Talking
12. The Threat Is Real
13. Poisonous Shadows
14. Melt The Ice Away (Budgie cover)
15. Foreign Policy (Fear cover)