Avenged Sevenfold are on X in new Facebook photo

Posted by on October 10, 2016


What’s going on with Avenged Sevenfold? They’re not talking – yet. However, they’ve been playing some dates here and there, and their “deathbat” logo (which they ripped off from Overkill but that’s a different story) has been popping up all over the world (and by that, we mean London and Canada). Today, the band put a new picture of themselves up on their Facebook page. However, all of their faces are obscured by X’s. What’s that mean? Who knows, but we’ll likely find out pretty soon. The next show they’re scheduled to play is October 23rd at the Aftershock Festival, and maybe we’ll find out more before then. It’s been three years since Hail to the King, but a lawsuit against Warner Bros. (and countersuit by the label), as well as a drummer change have kept them a bit sidelined lately. We’ll find out soon enough.

[via theprp]


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