A Suit Le Monde – Dave Mustaine Lashes Out At Men’s Wearhouse

Posted by on January 3, 2013


As 2012 drew to a close, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, not content to take his anger out on President Obama and gay marriage, unleashed on retailer Men’s Wearhouse via the band’s and his own Facebook pages. We read about this yesterday and found it mildly amusing, but since then, it’s blown up and gotten mainstream media coverage from mainstream outlets like Gawker and Business Insider, which means it’s impossible to ignore.

Essentially, Mustaine bought his tour manager a gift certificate to Men’s Wearhouse, a men’s clothing retail chain whose founder, George Zimmer voices the company’s adds. His “you’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it,” is the company’s catch phrase. It’s also what Mustaine took issue with, as nine days after his order, it still hadn’t been delivered. This probably isn’t that different from many consumer responses, but then, most consumers don’t generally have 5.2 million likes on their Facebook page. It’s since been shared over 500 times and liked by 8,700 people. Once Mustaine publicly griped, Men’s Wearhouse responded to him via his own Facebook page saying that their customer service was “unacceptable.”

While there are a lot of people that have given Mustaine’s gripe a thumbs up on Facebook, looking at the comments shows that some fans are mocking him for bitching about a suit. But regardless, Mustaine was trying to do something nice for his tour manager, he had a legitimate gripe, and it’s more a story of social media working in a consumer’s favor than it is crazy old man Mustaine ranting. Then again, Mustaine started New Year’s on his page by saying “We’ve woken up to a very different America today boys and girls. I promise not to say I told you so.”

Check out Dave’s rant after the jump.

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