Abigail Williams Surprises Everyone With Annoucement of New Album

Posted by on November 9, 2012

Remember that time Abigail Williams said they were calling it quits? Apparently things have changed. The band made a post on Facebook today that stated  the following:

New album coming in 2013…

It’s a surprise, but a welcome surprise. The band’s latest album Becoming from last year was well received, although their supporting tour experienced some trouble.

The band also announced that they would be joined yet again by composer and pianist Ashley Ellyllon, saying:

We are happy to announce that Ashley Ellyllon will rejoin Abigail Williams for our forth full length album. Although we did not announce it or make it public she also worked on our last album “Becoming” with us. Anyone with a CD booklet can see that though… wink wink

Let’s hope that Abigail Williams not only fairs better in 2013, but that they are planning to stick around longer.

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